Our approach

Style and Culture
We believe that our creative and proactive approach in achieving project success, including realisation of architectural concepts and environmental targets is an achievement across our designs, which we are proud of.  

In order to achieve success, for all our projects:

  • We provide a high level of constructional detail, incorporating methodology, buildability,  sustainability and sequence of construction,
  • Our approach is proactive, and includes a wide contribution to all project aspects, based on our extensive experience,
  • We incorporate innovative structural ideas to achieve project success
  • We welcome the challenge of innovative designs and new structural materials

Adding value for our clients is an intrinsic part of our relationship and responsibility as designers.

Enhanced Service Offering
Because of our long association with several main-contractor clients, we can bring our knowledge of value-engineering and construction methodology to the project and provide a scheme design which is clear and buildable, leading to better and more confident pricing by tenderers.

The project are led by a partner/associate team, who would stay involved for the complete duration of the project and keep control of all structural design decisions.

We do not automatically exclude elements of detailed design from our project scope. If required, we are happy to provide details such as reinforcing bar schedules, steel connection designs, temporary works designs etc.

Value Engineering
Our aim is to achieve the most effective and economical solution in all our projects. We look at alternatives, seek creative solutions, integrate the latest industry standards into our designs and coordinate with all members of the project design team and Client.

Based on our vast experience in refurbishment projects, which has provided us with the in-house value engineering know-how, we believe that projects greatly benefit from our design approach.

Sustainable Construction
Today’s buildings are increasingly required to meet both sustainable requirements and greater flexibility and functionality. These drivers generate a requirement for increasing methods of; passive cooling via architecture, very high efficiency plant, use of thermal mass via the structure and high life cycle value to make for longer term more sustainable solutions. We aim to reduce the embodied carbon emissions associated with the project through leaner design, designing out waste, using recycled and recyclable materials and sourcing from sustainable supplies. Our goal is to design for flexibility to extend building lifetime and for demountability to encourage future reuse and recycling of products and materials.

Design Quality Management
Within L+C we operate a Design Quality Management system which comprises of a multi-layered approach consisting of; Quality Control system, peer reviews by experienced engineers, Health and Safety in design and implementation. In addition, our design management approach is monitored within the context of an overall approach to project risk for cost, time and other significant risks.