Butterfly World

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Butterfly World

Client: Butterfly World Project Limited

Value: £25milion

Butterfly World is a £25m world class visitor attraction and an active conservation vehicle to fund research and community projects. It is the brain child of butterfly expert Clive Farrell. It is set to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in the U.K with a conservative estimate of 800,000 visitors annually.

The 25 acre site, located near St Albans is designed in the shape of a Giant Butterfly with a Biome as its multifaceted eye.

The tropical Biome will be the largest butterfly display of its kind in the world, measuring 100m diameter and 17m high.

The Biome will contain over 10,000 tropical butterflies at any one time with 250 different species displayed from around the world. Sections of the dome will be submerged to incorporate underground caverns featuring other tropical creatures.

The outdoor area around the Biome will be landscaped creating a series of gardens and meadow areas, designed to increase the sites plant and animal diversity and provide a unique educational, scientific research and recreational resource.

Butterfly World will feature outstanding educational and research facilities, a breathtaking corporate hospitality suite, an exceptional quality restaurant and a café and retail space.

Project Elements and Proposed Time Scales:

June 2009 - Phase 1 opened to the public with Future Gardens until September 2009. It included the base of the Biome and much of visitor infrastructure.

June 2010 - Phase 2 part 1 opens to the public again with Future Gardens until September 2010. The tropical Biome will be constructed with ancillary structures and environmental controls.

Spring 2011 - Phase 2 part 2 opens: Butterfly World is complete. The Biome and walk through experience will include re-produced Mayan ruins, rainforest and 10,000 tropical butterflies on display.